About ShowMeCI

“Sharing Cyberinfrastructure information, education, and resources across the Show Me State.”

The creation of the “Show Me CI” was facilitated by Henry Neeman of OU and used the One Oklahoma CI Initiative (OneOCII http://www.oneocii.okepscor.org) as an exemplary model. The initial participants agreed to a teleconference call once a week to discuss and work on shared CI efforts across the state. Show Me CI is open to all Missouri non-commercial entities across the state to share CI information, education, and resources and to coordinate efforts and resources. A guiding principle is that sharing CI helps provide access to all across the state and to leverage our collective resources more efficiently and effectively.

The initial group of members was formed to set preliminary guiding principles and to establish a communication and collaboration framework to facilitate further growth. The Great Plains Network (GPN http://www.greatplains.net) has graciously provided organizational support.

ShowMeCI Call Participants

  • Marcus Bond (SEMO)
  • Jim McNabb (Truman)
  • Chip Byers (MOREnet)
  • Jeff Woodford (Missouri Western)
  • Quinn (KC Federal Reserve)
  • BJ Lougee (KC Federal Reserve)
  • Jon Weaver (MS&T)
  • Buddy Scharfenberg (MS&T)
  • Shaun Ferguson (UMKC)
  • Stephen Steinacker (UMKC)
  • Brian Marxkors (MU)

GPN Cyberinfrastructure Program Committee Campus Representatives

  • MU: Director of Research Computing Support Services, Division of IT
  • MS&T: Mark Bookout, Director of Research Support Services
  • UMKC: Frank Magrone
  • SEMO: Marcus Bond
  • Missouri Western: Jeff Woodford
  • MOREnet: Chip Byers
  • UMSL:
  • SLU: (pending)